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The University of Oklahoma

Electron Microprobe Laboratory

Facility for microanalysis of solid materials

100 East Boyd Street, Sarkeys Energy Center room E106

Norman, Oklahoma 73019-1009

This facility is available to students, faculty, and industry professionals for research that requires rapid, non-destructive microanalysis of solid samples. The facility is based upon a fully computer-automated Cameca SX50 electron probe micro-analyzer that is equipped with five wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectrometers, integrated energy-dispersive x-ray analyzer, standard SEM imaging capabilities, and cathodoluminescence detector. A full-time staff is available to conduct analyses and for consultation or instruction.


Electron microbeam techniques are extremely VERSATILE, permitting:

  • Full quantitative analysis of all elements with atomic numbers 5 (boron)
  • Qualitative to semi-quantitative analysis of major to minor elements in seconds
  • Analysis of particles or areas down to ~1-5 m m in diameter, in samples up to several cm2
  • Imaging capabilities including secondary electron, backscattered electron, x-ray intensity, absorbed current, and cathodoluminescence signals that are acquired and stored in digital format
  • On-line and off-line data reduction, statistical analysis, spreadsheets, graphics, and qualitative or quantitative image analysis


Essentially any solid material that is stable under high vacuum can be analyzed and/or imaged with the microprobe. These include, but are not limited to: (1) minerals (rocks), salts, and synthetic crystals; (2) glasses and ceramics; (3) bone and shells; (4) coal and dried organic tissues; (5) plastics; (6) metals and their corrosion products; and (7) electronic components. Thus, the electron microprobe can be applied to studies involving the composition, morphology, or abundance and distribution of phases within a wide variety of solid materials.

For more information on the OU EMPL and its capabilities, see:

For more information on applications and scheduling, contact:

David London, Ph.D., Laboratory Director and Professor of Geology: Sarkeys Energy Center, Room 810; ph: (405) 325-3253, fax: (405) 325-3140; email: dlondon@ou.edu

George B. Morgan VI, Ph.D., Laboratory Operator and Adjunct Associate Professor of Geology: Sarkeys Energy Center, Room E110; ph: (405) 325-2642, fax: (405) 325-3140; email: gmorgan@ou.edu

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