Advance Contact Form

Please read all the information below BEFORE filling out the requested information below and submitting electronically by pressing the 'Send' button at the bottom of the screen.

This form may be used to indicate that you are interested in submitting a preliminary type of proposal. This includes all types of preliminary contact with a sponsor to include but not limited to: concept paper, while paper, talking paper, notice of intent, letter of intent, statement of interest/intent, preliminary proposal, and random order of magnitude.

If guidelines are available please read them.

You should not use this form (You should use a Proposal Information Sheet):

  • If the information being submitted involves detailed budget information (you may give an estimated total request but no category of spending breakdown)
  • If the information being submitted involves cost share, even if it is an estimated cost share figure.
  • If the preliminary type of submission does not involve a decision allowing you to proceed in a submission process.
For example, if the guidelines ask or require a Notice of Intent (NOI) before you can submit a full proposal, but you are not prevented from submitting a full proposal if you don't submit an NOI or you do not have to wait for an invitation or decision to proceed in order to submit the full proposal then you should not use this form.

NOTE: If the contact involving this form results in proceeding to a full proposal you will need to complete a Proposal Information Sheet.

For additional help filling out this form, click on the topic heading links as questions arise.

Note: Required Fields are marked with a grey background and an asterisk(*).

Advance Contact Form Information

  Proposal Title:*
  Sponsor(Funding Agency):*
  Is OU a Subcontract?* Yes    No
If yes, they are the sponsor(see first question)
  Is your project funded with Federal Flow Through Money? * Yes    No
  If Yes, agency providing funds to sponsor:
  Specific Program to which you are applying (RFP):
  Web Address for Guidelines:
  Will this be an SBIR/STTR Related Project? OU guidelines for these projects can be found here: * Yes    No
  Sponsor Contact Information:
(if not listed in guidelines)
  Submission Deadline by GuideLines(Required or Anticipated):*
(If we are a subcontract that organization might have a deadline for their processes prior to the solicitation deadline; PI travel or other issues may also impact Request)
PI Submission Deadline:
  If Submission dates are different, please explain:
  Urgency: *
  Project Period Start:*
  Project Period End: *
  Project Type *
  Method of Delivery: *

Personnel Information

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Principal Investigator

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PI Contact Information

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Subcontract Information

  Please specify your subcontract status: *
Yes, there subcontracts involved in the projected work. Please list Organization and lead PI there.
No, there are no subcontracts involved.
Subcontract Information:
Name of Institution:
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   (Address Line 2)
City, State, Zip:

Subcontract's Faculty/PI Information:
Department or Title:

NOTE: If you have multiple subcontracts, please explain in the Additional Information section at the end of this form.